Friday, May 04, 2007

Spring Challenge: Hummingbird and Roses

I added stem/outline stitch stems stacking the stitches for the thicker main stem and singly for leaflets. Then I took 7mm green silk ribbon that I bought from Pat Winter's Etsy Shop and stitched in leaves in ribbon stitch.
I'm adding a hummingbird gently sipping. I made his throat with 3 straight stitches in 4mm silk ribbon and added 3 red sequins. I thought that would add the touch of sparkle that happens when their throat glints in the sunlight.
I'm stitching his body in with 1 strand silk floss in stem/outline stitch and I'm thinking of using the same to fill him in completely. Also for the lower section I'm considering layering detached chain stitches to simulate feathers to fill it in.


Gerry said...

Melissa, the roses are absolutely gorgeous. Stunning, really!

Jo in NZ said...

Melissa, this block is just stunning. and that hummingbird!! Nice work. It is good to see you doing more seam treatments to compliment your immpeccable SRE skills.