Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ashe'a's embroidery and follow up photos

Here's Ashe'a embroidering away! She has really caught on fast and hardly ever needs my help! She says she loves to do it and is planning on embroidering during the summer!
She's doing great!
Here's her finished project with the markings rinsed out and dried! Now on to more projects!
This is an embroidery she's making for her teacher. It's a school house, the design came from a scrapbooking template.
As you can see she's now an embroiderer and rightfully proud of her work!
I didn't get to take a finished photo before she grabbed it and took it to school, but I can tell you it looks great, she used different colored threads for each part of the school house.
You may be wondering why she's got satiny fabric but it's because I went to WalMart to buy some hoops for them to keep and stopped by the remnant bin and had Alece with me she saw the fabric and wanted it for embroidery and since it was only .40 cents I let her grab it. I also got them some Craft Thread at Micheal's since it is the same size as the size 5 perle but more cost effective to get more colors. We also grabbed some t-shirts that each of them can embroider and wear to shool.
Te'an worked just a little more on his, he says he'll do more on it today so I promise to grab a photo of him next chance I get.
Alece worked a little more on hers too just before bed as she was waiting for her brother and sister to be ready for bed! I can totally understand...just a little more...a little more...almost finished...and so the love of embroidery has spread!


Charlene said...

Please tell Alece she has done a great job, and her teacher will certainly appreciate her lovely work!

You're a great friend, and a good teacher, Melissa.

Melissa said...

Thank you Charlene! I will tell her! They are doing so great! I'm also impressed with the amount of attention and time they give to their work too!

NormaH said...

Melissa, you're doing a wonderful job teaching those children not only a skill but showing them another way to have fun. What a special way to use your God-given talent and encourage theirs. God bless.