Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tatting a Split Ring

Lillian and I were chatting about tatting and wanting to see how we each tat so I decided to make a home video of me tatting a split ring. If your curious here's my video!
I did click the shuttle by passing the thread through the tip of the shuttle as I made each half of the stitches on this video, but I've learned since that it's best not to do that! LOL



Gina said...

Cool! That's how I dod it too. Do either of you do the method where you take it off your hand and flip the ring over, completing the second half in the same direction as the first half? I'm not good at demonstrating that one...would love to see a video for it..
:-) Gina

Melissa said...

Hmmm that sounds interesting! I've never heard of that but then I'm pretty new to tatting!

Tattycat said...

I really enjoyed your video. It is so great to see someone else do things the way I do! I've watched a couple of videos lately that made me think I had everything backwards! I've never heard of taking the ring off and turning it over, but sounds interesting.

yarnplayer said...

Great video! Thanks for making it and sharing. The flowers in the background are very nice too!

Bits and Bobs said...

Brilliant video - I have always taken the ring off and turned it, but this is a much quicker way of doing it. Thank you for sharing. Doreen in sunny Somerset U.K.

Ribbonwiz said...

Great video Melissa,
I learnt a lot from it as i didn't know how to do a split ring..
Thank you

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...

I found your video on Utube, and you did so well in your demo, that I was able to learn how to do the split ring! THANK YOU!!!
Hugs N Blessings RRose Connie

N. Maria said...

I just watched this video! It was SO clear! Thank you for taking the ? out for me!!!!